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This page contains direct links to all the published or scholarly material on this site which has been placed online so far. Further material in extract form is elsewhere on the site, in the appropriate places.

All pages on the site may be accessed from the auto-generated Sitemap which gives the title and first couple of sentences of each page.

Digital Library

  • Tertullianus. Codex Balliolensis 79 (1442-4). Colour photographs of complete Tertullian portion of medieval manuscript (plus the incipits of the Lactantius texts).
  • Tertullianus. Codex Cusanus 42 (15th century). Colour photographs of the complete Tertullian portion of medieval manuscript of the Cusanusstift at Bernkastel in the Rhineland.
  • Tertullianus. Codex Romanus Isidorensis 1/29 (15th century).  Colour photographs of the entire parchment manuscript of Tertullian’s Apologeticum at the College of St. Isidore in Rome.
  • Tertullianus. Codex Seitenstettensis 30 (15th century).  Colour photographs of the whole Tertullian portion of the medieval manuscript.
  • Tertullianus: Apologeticus, Venice, Bernardinus Benalius (Pre-1494). Complete monochrome photographic copy.



I have added some notes on most of these (and on some others which are not online) on the bibliography page, where items are in name order.  In date order:

Reviews are here:


Non-Tertullian material

These are articles which I happened to find interesting for some other reason and placed online also.