Early Editions, Translations & Studies
(1450 - 1850)


This page holds information about the printed editions, starting from the invention of printing, up until the arrival of the first modern critical editions. It was originally based on Migne 1. I have indicated whether I have checked personally the information with the edition itself. Naturally there are many I haven't looked at.

I've also included all items listed in COPAC on 8/8/2, up to and including 1600.  

Editions about which I know more than the catalogue entry are given separate linked pages.


After the invention of printing, there was half a century of experiment. Books produced in this period (before 1500) are known as incunables, from the Latin in cunabula, in the cradle.

There are a number of these for Tertullian, all of the Apologeticum alone. According to the IISTC5, there are in fact only two unique editions - that printed by Benalius, and that by Scinzenzeler. Each of these does appear in a volume by itself.

The other editions listed are editions of the works of Lactantius, to which the Apologeticum appears as an appendix. (This continues a trend which is also visible in some of the late manuscripts of Lactantius, e.g. Balliol 79 which contains both also).4. The pages of the Apologeticum in these editions seems to be a direct print or rebinding of the unique editions. However they are listed here, and the extent to which these statements have been checked personally is indicated.

Pre-1493 : BENALIUS : ISTC no. it00117000. Hain 15443 : Apologeticus, Venice, Bernardinus Benalius. In folio. The volume is undated but has traditionally been assigned to 1483 (e.g. Migne), the date at which Benalius began printing. However there is no evidence for this.

Note that Norwich copy is online (see below) but is in fact a 1497 Lactantius, with the Benalius bound at the end. I have checked that the pages in it are identical to those in the Cambridge copy, and they are.

Copies I have seen:

Other online copies:

Other Notes I have seen this edition offered for sale at $1800.

A copy of this existed at the start of the 18th century which contained a collation of the now lost (or possibly unidentified) manuscript owned by Filippo Beroaldo.  It was held in the library of E.S.Cyprianus: cf. Bibliotheca Cyprianica...Editio auctior, Lipsiae (1733), p.9: "Tertulliani apologeticus castigatus notis MSS. ex codice Philippi Beroaldi.  Venetis per Benalium 1480". (Petitmengin 2004, p.81 and n.77).  It's current whereabouts are unknown.

Bibliography on Benalius Not checked:

1493 : SCINZENZELER : ISTC no. it00116900 : Apologeticus, printed Mediolani per Uldericum Scinzinzeler.   Listed in Illustrated Incunable Short Title Catalogue CD.   Printed Milan; Uldericus Scinzenzeler, 4th December 1493.  Format: Folio.   Catalogue source: IGI.  Bibliography: HR 15444, Pellechet MS 11035, CIBN T-89, IGI 9485.  Copies (List from ISTC): UK=Canterbury Cathedral(in Mendham collection, owned by Law Society but on deposit in the Cathedral), France=Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (imperfect), Italy=Florence (Laur) Milano (N) Modena (Est) Naples (N) Rome (Cors: Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana) Venice (Sen). Not checked.  I have placed online some notes about Scinzenzeler.

I have now seen the Canterbury copy (29/8/2002).  Size is NOT folio, as per the ISTC, but quarto.  Size: 220mm x 155 mm.  Quaternions: a(8)b(8)c(8)d(6). 30 folios.  A lter hand has written folio numbers at the foot of each folio, starting at 300 on folio a, and ending with 329.  f.300 is blank both sides; f.329r ends half way down with the text:

Impressum Mediolani magistrum Vldericum Scinzinzeler.
F   I   N   I   S

An extra (original) leaf is at either end as a guard-leaf.  The binding is goatskin, and 18/19th century, with a Law Society book plate inside the front cover.  The font is very like that of the Benalius - even down to the hand-written Greek, e.g. on f.314r.  However a comparison indicates the text has been reset.  Spaces are left for illuminated initials, as with the Benalius.  The text is quite abbreviated, but not in the same places always as the Benalius.  I was unable to find differences of wording in a cursory inspection.

Additional Note:  This is apparently a reprint of Benalius - the same text (source: A.-G. HAMMAN, L'Épopée du livre, Paris (1985), p. 160).

Update: The Canterbury copy was offered for sale at Sothebys in June 2013, with an online exhibition here.  It was unsold; but bought afterwards by the Bavarian State Library in Munich.  An image of the first page was displayed.  The catalogue read:

Lot 138.  Tertullianus.  APOLOGETICUS CONTRA GENTES. MILAN: ULRICUS SCINZENZELER, 4 DECEMBER 1493.  Estimate: 6,000 - 8,000 GBP.  Chancery folio (220 x 154mm.), 30 leaves (first leaf blank), a-c8 d6, 35 lines, roman letter, one 9-line initial space and numerous 2-line initial spaces with printed guides, modern red morocco by the Cockerell Bindery with remains of old calf binding and binder's note pasted at end, modern brown buckram folding box, later manuscript foliation at foot (indicating it was once bound with other works, before the previous calf binding), retaining old endleaves from Sammelband (with watermark "Limosin │Fin" datable to Paris in the later eighteenth century), all margins cut close, last leaf with small tear at head. 
Provenance: probably William Roscoe, sale, Liverpool, 19 August 1816, lot 585, noted in Mendham's copy of the Roscoe sale catalogue; Law Society, armorial bookplate.
Literature: HR 15444; GW M45647; IGI 9485.
Catalogue Note: ... One of only two incunable editions of Tertullian, the other printed in Venice not after 1494 (BMC v 376). Rare. ISTC records ten copies, of which only three are located outside Italy (the other edition survives in about 100 copies). It seems plausible, given the rarity, that this is William Roscoe's copy, as Mendham owned a copy of Roscoe's sale catalogue and had marked this lot (he also bought his Complutensian Polyglot Bible from the Roscoe sale; see lot 15). However, the recent binding retains no earlier marks of provenance.

Reprints of Incunables

These are all combined with the works of Lactantius. In some cases (e.g. 1497), it appears that they are not so much reprints as spare copies rebound into the new edition.

1494 : LOCATELLUS : Lactantius and Apologeticus, printed Venetiis, cura et expensiis nobilis viri Domini Octaviani Scoti Modoetiensis, 1494, by Bouctum Locatellum. Not checked. From Migne.

Additional Note:  This is apparently not a reprint but a fresh edition (source: A.-G. HAMMAN, L'Épopée du livre, Paris (1985), p. 160).  I have not yet seen a copy, but naturally will try to obtain photographs.

1497 : ANDREAS : Lactantius, and Apologeticus. Checked. Not in Migne. The Apologeticum portion is listed in IISTC as an example of the it00117000.  This is in fact correct - I have compared the Tertullian portion against a photocopy of the First edition and they are identical. However the combination does appear to be an edition, as it is listed in a recent bibliography of Lactantius as such.  Perhaps the printer had access to 'spare' sheets of the editio princeps and added them to his own work to make the edition?

1500 : Apologeticus, printed in Paris by Jo. Petit, in quarto, possibly with Lactantius. Not checked

1502: [Lactantius, Chrysostom, Apologeticum]. Venice, in folio Not checked

1509: PARRHASIUS : Lactantius, Apologeticum. Venice, folio Not checked

1509 : PETIT : Lactantius, Apologeticum, Chrysostom, Lorenzo Valla etc : Paris, quarto. checked:

1511, Venice, folio. (Migne) Not checked

1513 : MASERIUS : Lactantius, etc, Apologeticum Paris, quarto. (Migne) Not checked

1513, Florence, octavo by Phil. Juntin. (Migne) Not checked However Bryce lists it as one of those he has inspected, and according to his list it does not in fact contain any Tertullian.

1515 : ALDUS : Lactantius, Apologeticum.  Venice.  

Early Collected Editions

The early editors attempted to print whatever they could find. It is worth noting that they did not always bother to print things that were hard to read; we know they had access to the Codex Agobardinus, since it is marked up with printer's page numbers, but the Ad Nationes, contained only in that codex, was not printed by anyone until Gothofried. In 1500 many manuscripts were extant which are now lost, which makes the early editions very valuable as a witness to text-variants unknown today. Generally the text will have notes, which list the variant reading of a given codex if it wasn't used, and from this some estimation of that manuscript can be obtained. (see manuscripts).

1521 : EDITIO PRINCEPS. Adams T405.  Online in PDF here! (CUL, Emmanuel (Spieringk bdg)).  Basle, edited by Beatus Rhenanus of Selestadt, printed by Froben. Far and away the most sumptuous of the editions, with fine engravings, broad margins, etc. There is a list of contents on the reverse of the title page. Each text is preceded by an Argumentum but is otherwise largely devoid of notes, with the exception of De Corona, and 6 brief notes on Ad martyras.  Text critical notes appear extensively in the margins (but are progressively transferred into Annotationes in the subsequent editions of 1528 and 1539), mainly concerned with manuscript variants and conjectures.

Rhenanus had access to two manuscripts; the Paterniacensis (from Payerne/Paeterlingen) and the Hirsaugiensis (from Hirsau in Lower Germany, now lost). He mentions the Gorze and Fulda codices (both also lost), but says he couldn't get hold of them 2 This copy in CUL. Checked . Online: Title Page(f1r), Reverse of Title Page (f.1v). I have seen this offered for $1400.

Opera / Q. Septimii Florentis Tertvlliani inter Latinos ecclesiae scriptores primi, sine quorum lectione nullum diem intermittebat olim diuus Cyprianus, per Beatum Rhenanum Seletstadiensem è tenebris eruta atque à situ pro uirili uindicata, adiectis singulorum librorum argumentis & alicubi coniecturis, quibus uetustissimus autor nonnihil illustratur ; Quorum catalogum proxima pagina reperies Seueuro Pertinace, & Antonino Caracalla, ualde uicinus Apostolorum temporibus, circi annu[m] a Christo passo CLX. Quare boni co[n]sulenda sunt, huius scripta, si alicubi uarient a receptis horum temporum dogmatis, cum omneis synodos antecesserit, Apostolicis illis exceptis, quarum in Actis Lucas commeminit. Gaude lector, & hunc tibi rarum ac nouum thesaurum para, ac Vale...Basileae : Apud Io. Frobenivm, Mense Ivlio An. M. D. XXI. [1521].

1521 : Venice. Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticus adversus gentes.  Not in Migne.  Not checked.

1525 : Basle, reprint of 1521 edition, by Froben.  PL1 38A. Not checked  [Does this really exist?]

1525 : TACUINUS : Lactantius, Apologeticum. Folio. Paris, 1525. (This seems like another incunable reprint). Not checked

1528 : RHENANUS : 2nd Edition : Adams T406 (CUL, Queens(bdg), St.Johns(Reynes bdg)). Basle, reprint of 1521 edition, printed by Froben. (According to Migne, the British Museum catalogue, vol II, erroneously records a copy of this as having notes by Junius). This edition has two additional prefaces placed between the table of contents (identical in appearance, etc, to that in the 1521 edition) and the preface to the 1521 edition. Rhenanus also added at the front some hasty notes of some length on the first treatise, De patientia, and more briefly on some other treatises.  The first seven treatises then have no additional material, except that De resurrectione carnis had two explicationes (the first was omitted from the 1539 edition, the second abridged) and De praescriptione was followed by 11 text-critical notes; for the others, Rhenanus inserted some annotationes.  There are some 31 annotationes in all, occupying 4 pages. Marginal notes are expanded on those in the 1521 edition with historical material, sometimes repeated in the annotationes. However Rhenanus would have preferred to continue to place conjectures in the margin, but says he had not enough space (p.556) (Maluissemus nostras coniecturas in marginibus chartarum apponere, sed cum longiuscule essent, non est uisa sufficere exiguitas spatii breuioris). 

Not based on any new manuscript witness; the Ad lectorem tells us he hoped to obtain a manuscript from Gorze (see 1539), and an otherwise unknown one from Treves containing De spectaculis, which he supposed to be in two books, but these he could not obtain (Exspectabam avide ex Mediomatricis Gorziensem codicem et a Treviris Spectaculorum libros, sed frustra).  The edition was undertaken, according to the preface, at the demand of readers: Interim propter aemulos secundam aeditionem parare compulsus est Frobenius, studiosis ubique gentium Tertullianum flagitantibus.  The treatises are published in the same order as in 1521.  PL1 38A & n.1. Checked. Online: Title page (fol. 1r).   692 pages.  Other copies listed but not checked at; British Library; Oxford Colleges: New College.

1529 : German translation of Ad Martyras and Ad Scapulam.  Not in Migne.  Not checked.

1535 : MANUZIO : Octavo, Venice. Reprint of Aldine Lactantius / Apologeticum, Venice. Adams L22 (Trinity) ff.328, 47. Not Checked

1536 : Basle, reprint of 1521 edition, by Froben. PL1 38A. Not checked  [Does this really exist, I wonder?]

1539 : RHENANUS : 3rd Edition : Adams T407 (Gonville+Caius(bdg)). Basle, edited by Rhenanus again, this time using also a collation of the codex Gorziensis.  The treatises are published in the same order as in 1521; however the Adversus omnes haereses, which the manuscripts all present following De praescriptione haereticorum and which appears in the 1521 and 1528 editions, is here silently omitted.  Full notes appear for the first time; each treatise has an Argumentum, then Annotationes, then text. There are some 84 notes, occupying 5½ pages, in a more compact format than in 1528.  Rhenanus repeats his preference for conjectures in the margin (p.380, same text as 1528).  PL1 38A-39D. 

The edition was also listed by the Spanish Inquisition, on account of some too free remarks, especially in the Anvers edition of the Index of 1571; the passages ordered suppressed are listed in the (protestant) Junius edition of 1597 (q.v.). Not checked  Copies listed but not checked at; Oxford Colleges: All Souls, Balliol, Brasenose, Jesus;  Durham University Library. Title page of Rhenanus' own copy.

Apparently a copy now online complete here.

1542 : WITZEL, Georg, 1501-1573.  Praeconium euangelicae gratiae, per Christum filium dei, factae. Per Georgium Wicelium. Not in Migne.  Not checked.
-- Publisher: Moguntiae : ad Diuum Victorem excudebat Franciscus Behem ..., Anno 1542.
-- Physical Desc.: 59, [4] leaves. (8o)
-- Notes: Includes Witzel's De libero arbitrio, and a sermon on Matthew 11, 28; also De ceremoniis antiquae ecclesiae, ex ... Tertulliani libro de corona militis
-- 2 copies at Durham (Details from Copac). Copy 2 additional details: Bound in same vol: 6 other tracts by Witzel, and a catalogue of his writings, 1544-55 -- Fragments: Two fragments from early 16th c. foreign document used in binding, now kept separately -- Binding: 16th c. gilt tooled calf bdg, incorporating name F. B. Pollet

1544 : From British Library catalogue (Details from Copac): "Q. Septimii Florentis Tertulliani de praescript adversus hæreticos, Lib.  Classmark: 3832.b.45."  Not in Migne.  Not checked.

1545 : GAGNY-MESNART : 4th Edition : Adams T408/409 (CUL(defective), Emmanual, Peterhouse/ Peterhouse). Paris, in folio, edited by Jean Gagney (Gagnaeus), who added 11 works to those he copied from Rhenanus. There seems to be very little prefatory material in this edition. PL1 39B. Checked Online: Title Page, Reverse of Title Page.

1550 : GELENIUS : 5th Edition : Adams T410(St.Johns, Pembroke(bdg), Christ's). Basle, edited by Sigismund Gelenius, published by Froben. PL1 39C-D. Not checked
I have seen this offered for sale at $1200 and another copy at $900.

1550 : HOOPER, J : To his wife, book 2 (English translation). London, 1550.  Not listed in Migne. CheckedOnline complete.

1561 : Liber adversus haereticos.  Adams T418 (CUL, Emmanuel). Paris, de praescriptionibus adversus haereticos, printed by Andr. Wechelus, in quarto, with notes by Jo. Quintinus Heduus. PL1 40A. Not checked.  

1562 : GELENIUS (Reprint) : Adams T411 (CUL, Kings). Basle, reprint of 1550 Gelenius edition, printed by Froben in September, as it says at the end, in the copy in the Plume. Details on separate page. PL1 40A. Checked.  Online: Title Page, Reverse of Title Page.

1562 : Paris, French translation of De praescriptio by Aubertus de Maccre. PL1 40B. Not checked

1563 : Paris, French translation of De corona by Aubertus de Maccre. PL1 40B. Not checked

1564 : Poems Adversus Marcionem / De iudicio Domine. Basle. A copy is listed in the OPAC of BSB - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).  Not in Migne. Not checked.

1565 : Lambert DANEAU, Traite de Florent Tertullian docteur treſ-ancien, & voiſin du temps des Apoſtres, enuiron CLXX. ans apres l'incarnation de Ieſus Chriſt, touchant l'Idolatrie. 1565. (PDF here). Online complete.  The text is mentioned in CTC2002.73, and the only copy exists in the Musée historique de la Réformation, at Geneva.  See also Irena BACKUS, Le Tertullien de Lambert Daneau dans le contexte religieux du seizième siècle tardif.  I Padri sotto il torchio.  Le edizioni dell'antichità cristiana nei secoli XV-XVI.  Atti del Convegno di studi, Certosa del Galluzo, Firenze, 25-26 giugno 1999, Tavarnuzze (Firenze), SISMEL, Edizioni del Galluzo (2002), p. 33-52. (Millennio Medievale 35; Atti di convegni 10). (Details CTC2002.73).  Daneau was a Calvinist pastor (CTC 2003.66).

1566 : Basle-Paris. Adams T412 (CUL (II only), Trinity (defective)). Reprint of Gelenius apud Audoenum Parvum, sub intersignio Lilii aurei, via ad D. Jacobum. In two volumes octavo by Andreas Wechelus, as indicated at the end of the book. PL1 40B-C. Not checked, but I have seen the second volume in Cambridge, so it does exist.  Other copies listed in British Library; Oxford Colleges: Balliol (both volumes).

1572 : Dilingae, German translation of Praescriptiones adversus omnes haereses by Laurent Albertus Francus. PL1 40C. Not checked

1577 : French translations of De Patientia and Ad Martyres.  Not in Migne.  Not checked.

'1579' (see 1583/4) This date for the Pamelius edition of 1583/4 is spurious, but found in Migne and much older literature. It is based on the date of the dedicatory epistle. PL1 40C-41D.

1580 : BARRAEUS - Michael Julianum: Adams T413.  Paris, edited by Barraeus (Rene Laurens de la Barre). Contains the works of Tertullian and Arnobius. See attached page for more details. PL1 42A-C. Online: Title page (fol 1r), Table of contents (fol.1v) Checked  I have seen a copy offered for sale at $300.

1580 : BARRAEUS - William Julianum(another issue): Adams T414.  Paris, edited by Barraeus (Rene Laurens de la Barre). Contains the works of Tertullian and Arnobius. See attached page for more details.  Not in Migne. Online: Title page (fol 1r)  Checked 

1580 : French translation of De cultu feminarum. Not in Migne.  Not checked.

1582 : German version of De patientia. In octavo, by Luc. Maio, Smalkalacae. PL1 42C. Not checked

1583 : PAMELIUS (Sonnius) : 6th Edition : Paris, folio. Not checked. edited by Jac. Pamelius of Bruges, based on Gelenius, plus using 3 Vatican codices; also 1 each from the monasteries of St. Amandus and St. Bavonus, and 1 from John Clement, the Englishman. The book was split into 5 sections. He also printed the fragments, and the poems. Apparently he also refers to a Greek copy of the works of Tertullian in the library of Philip II of Spain in the dedicatory epistle(see lost works page for details). Not checked.  According to CTC 84, §15, we owe the chapter divisions in many of Tertullian's works (such as De corona) to this edition.  Some copies of this were supplied to Plantin in Antwerp, and published with a fresh title page (see below).

1584 : PAMELIUS (Plantin) : 6th Edition : Antwerp, folio. Adams T415(Christ's [defective]). Not checked.  This is identical to the 1583, but with a different title page, since Sonnius supplied Plantin with the copies for sale in Antwerp (according to VOET).

1585 : Paris, a reprint of Pamelius by Mich. Sonnium. A typographical error in the work gives a date of 1548. PL1 43A-B.  Not checked

1594 : Florimond de RAEMOND, Erreur populaire de la Papesse Jane. Bordeaux: S.Millanges (1594). 316 pp, 8o.  Contains French translations of Tertullian, De Corona and Ad Martyras.  PL1 43B. Not checked  Reprinted 1599.

1594 : Cologne: Birckmann. "Tres gravissimi": Tertullian, De praescriptione; Vincent of Lerins, Edmund Campion. 16o. Not in Migne. Not checked.

1595 : Junius, De Pallio.  Leiden: Plantin.  Edited with notes by Franciscus Junius.  Adams T419(Gonville+Caius). Not checked  Migne is uncertain about the size of the volume, as his catalogues give two different sizes: 

1595 : Florimond de Raemond, Erreur populaire de la Papesse Ieanne. [By F. de Raemond.], Lyon, 1595. 3 pt. ; 8o. Not in Migne. Not checked

1596 : Heidelberg: Commelin press. Folio. Notes from Rhenanus, Pamelius and Junius.  Migne says it is mentioned by Sandius, du Pin, Cave. PL1 43C.  Not checked

1597 : JUNIUS : Adams T416(Gonville+Caius, Emmanuel(x2)). Franeker with notes by Franciscus Junius (François Dujon, a protestant).  Referred to in French literature as the Pamelius-Dujon edition. Mostly a reprint of Pamelius without his notes, but with those of Rhenanus. Also contains the censure of Rhenanus by the Spanish Inquisition of 1584. Notable for the appendix containing the collation of the lost Fulda MS from notes by Modius. See attached page for more details. PL1 43C-44B. Online: Title page, Contents 1, Contents 2, Intro to Modius' notes. Checked  Also in British Library.

1597 : Geneva, reprint of Pamelius. PL1 44C. (Sand, Du Pin, Cave) Not checked

1598 : Paris: Michel Somnium, reprint of Pamelius.  Migne says it adds notes by Latino Latini, and John Mercer on De Pallio. PL1 44C. Not checked.

1599 : Heidelberg: Commelin press. Folio. Reprint of Pamelius. PL1 45A. Not checked

1599 : Cologne: Arnold Mylium. 12o. Reprint of De praescriptio and notes from the Pamelius edition. PL1 45A. Not checked

1599 : French translations of De corona and Ad Martyras - second edition of 1594 (for Cor.) and 1597 (for Mart.)  Migne adds, "Ad calcem tract. ejusdem de Antichristo et Antipapissa Johanna."  PL1 45B. Not checked. (See 1594 edition for details of Raemond).

1600 : Jacob Gretser. Arguments about the meaning of some passages in Tertullian, against the notes of Junius. Not in Migne. Not checked.

1600 : Edm. Richerius.  Paris: Ambros. Drouart. 8o. Text of De Pallio, with French translation and Latin notes by Edm. Richerius. PL1 45B. Not checked.  Migne gives his source: "(Cat. de la Biblioth. du Roy. p. 364.)."

1601 : Heidelberg, Pamelius reprint. Folio. (Sand, Cave). PL1 45C. Not checked

1601 : Geneva, Pamelius reprint with notes by Du Pin. PL1 45C: "Eamdem hoc anno Genevae prodiisse Dupinius adnotavit." Not checked.

1601 : Coloniae Agripp. in-12.  Tertullian, De praescriptione; Vincent of Lerins, "adversus profanas omnium haereseon novationes"; Edmund Campion, "certaminis in causa Fidei rationes decem".   Migne gives as his source: "Catal. Bibl. Regalis Carthusiae S. Martini. Neapoli 1764. f." PL1 45C. Not checked.

1601 : Paris. Tertullian, De spectaculis.  

1602 : "In librum de Praescriptionibus notas edidit Justus Calvinus in libro Moguntiae edito sub hoc titulo: Praescriptionum adversus haereticos perpetuarum tractatus sex". PL1 45C.  Not checked.

1603 : "Theodori Petreii confessio Tertullianica et Cyprianana in IV libr. digesta. Paris., in-8o". PL1 45D.  Not checked.

1603 : WOUWER : Frankfurt, edited by Jo. Wouwer.  Emendationes Epidicticae ad Q. S. Fl. Tertulliani opera. A book of suggested emendations. Includes readings from the 'lost codex' of Fulvio Orsini. PL1 45D-46A. Not checked

1605 : Cracoviae(Poland): Andr. Petriconius. "Q. Sept. Flor. Tertulliani de Praescriptionibus adversus omnes haereticos liber, distinctus in capita et brevibus notationibus, ex Jacobi Pamelii commentariis illustratus". PL1 46A.  Not checked.

1606 : Trium nobilium auctorum.  Tertulliani Afri (De praescriptionibus contra haereticos); Vincentii Lirinensis Galli.  Edumdi Campiani angli.  Opuscula Tria vere aurea.  3 parts.  Rorschachii, excudebat Bartholemeus Schnell, 12o.  Not Checked.  Copies listed; Oxford Colleges: Campion. (Not from Migne, but courtesy of the Oxford Early Printed Books Project)

1607 : Franeker, reprint of 1597 Franeker Pamelius. Folio. PL1 46B. Not checked

1607 : Geneva, reprint of 1597 Franeker Pamelius. Folio. PL1 46B. Not checked.

1607 : L'anti-Papesse. Florimond de Rémond.  [Ad Martyes, De Corona, French].  Copy listed in the catalogue of Canterbury Cathedral library.  Not checked.

1608 : Paris, reprint of 1598 Paris Pamelius. Folio. PL1 46B. Checked. Copies: Plume Library; Oxford Colleges: St. Hilda; Personal copy.  Some images of pages: title page; 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71.

1608 and 1609 : Two 'reprints' of Junius of 1597 at Heidelberg; but probably just exemplars of the 1597 with a new title page.  Not checked.  Details from Chronica Tertullianea 2003, §66 (p.421) by Pierre Petitmengin.

1609 : Antwerp: Commelin, listed in Migne as a reprint of Antwerp Pamelius of 1583( surely 1584?) edition. Copies: Woodbridge parochial library (with rear portion of a 1597 Junius bound at the back). PL1 46B. Checked

1610 : Paris, reprint of Pamelius. PL1 46C. Not checked

1612 : Frankfurt-am-Main: Richter press. Emendationes Epidicticae ad Q. S. Fl. Tertulliani opera.  Reprint of Wouwer. PL1 46C. Not checked

1612 : Paris, in 8o. French translation of De Praescriptione, by Brossaeus.  PL1 46C. Not checked.

1613 : HERALDUS : Paris, Plantin Press apud Hadrian Perier, Apologeticus. Edited by Desiderius Heraldus using Codex Puteanii and Codex Bongarsii. Otherwise based on Pamelius. Also contains Minucius Felix. PL1 46D-47C. Not checked.

1614 : Paris, De Pallio in octavo printed by Jo. Libertum.  Edited by Theodore Marcillius. PL1 47C. Not checked

1616 : Paris, reprint of Pamelius. Folio. PL1 47C. Not checked.  Copies listed; Oxford Colleges: All Souls.

1617 : PAMELIUS (Reprint) : Cologne: apud Antonium Hierat. 'same as above'. Reprint of Pamelius. Folio. Copy in Cambridge University Library. PL1 47D. Checked

1620 :  "HERM. RATHMANI Theosophia priscorum patrum Tertulliani et Cypriani fidei antiquae et vitae vere christianae certa et salutaria tradens documenta, e monumentis eorum propriis reddita et recitata verbis." PL1 47D. Not checked.

1622 : "In libr. de Praescriptionibus notas edidit Albaspinoeus annexas ipsius observationum Ecclesiasticar. libb. II. Paris., 1622. Helmstad., 1672." PL1 47D. Not checked.

1622 : SALMASIUS : Paris, De Pallio, edited by Claudius Salmasius. Octavo.  Used a 'vetus codex' - probably the Divionensis - to finish off his edition. I've seen this one, at the Plume Library in Maldon; also a copy at Winchester Cathedral Library. Online: Title page, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, note title page. PL1 47D-48C. Checked.

1624-30 : Paris: Mich. Sonnii, edited by J. Lud. de la Cerda, based on various earlier editions.  2 volumes - vol.1 1624, vol.2 1630.  Edition is incomplete.  Folio. PL1 48C-49C. Not checked.  Copies listed; Oxford Colleges: All Souls, Corpus, Christ Church [1], Lincoln, Magdalen, Pusey, Merton (W)[1], Queens, St Johns, University, Wadham. 

1625 : GOTHOFREDUS : Geneva, first edition of Ad Nationes, in quarto, printed by Peter and Jacques Chouet. PL1 49D-50A. Not checked.

1625 : Aureliopoli, reprint of Gothofred.  PL1 50A.  Not checked.

1626 : Lyons.  P.Io.Lvdovici. De la Cerda (Juan Luis de la CERDA, S.J.), Adversaria Sacra.  Folio.  Contains, after much else, 70pp+2pp of indexe,+2pp index of Greek, of  De Pallio, edited by De la Cerda with commentary (more commentary than edition).  Online: Main Title Page; De Pallio Title Page; Page 1 of De PallioChecked.

1628 : Paris.  Lutetiae, typis Rob. Stephani apud viduam Olivarii Varennaei. 8o. Q. Sept. Flor. Tertulliani libri IX. ex codice MS. Agobardi in Bibl. Reg. obvio emendati et observationibus illustrati. -- Nic. Rigaltius. Contains de Oratione; ad Uxorem l. 2; de Cultu foeminarum l. 2; de Exhortatione Castitatis; de Corona; de Praescriptione haereticorum and Scorpiace. Dedicated to Cardinal Richlieu. PL1 50B-C. Not Checked. Migne lists 1629 as an alternative date.  Was there a reprint?

1630 : Paris, De execrandis diis edited by Joseph Mar. Suarez in octavo from the Vatican library. "Fragmentum ex libris Tertulliani de execrandis gentium Diis, erutum e Biblioth. Vaticana, studio Joseph. Mar. Suarezii." PL1 50C. Not checked

1632 : Oxford: "Joh. Crojus specimen conjecturarum in quaedam loca Origenis, Irenaei, Tertulliani, et Epiphanii edidit Oxon. in 8o." PL1 50C. Not checked.

1634 : RIGALTIUS : Paris : N. Rigault (Rigaltius)  This isn't just a reprint of the Pamelius, but rather a really new edition.  The first real editor to look at all the material we now have and try to make sense of it.  Had access to various collations and tabulated what he used for which work. PL1 50D-53B.  Checked
Online: Main Title Page.

1635 : (RIGALTIUS/PAMELIUS) : Folio.  This isn't an edition.  Unlike most of his predecessors, Rigaltius didn't just reprint the Pamelius with minor alterations, but instead did a new edition.  However, this meant that the accumulated reference information - notes by Rhenanus, etc - that the Pamelius reprints had acquired was omitted.  This volume contains all of that reference information, as a companion volume to the Rigaltius edition.  Not listed in Migne.  Checked.  Seen at Norwich Cathedral & Blickling.  Other copies listed; Oxford Colleges: Corpus, Christ Church, Pusey, Queens, Trinity, University; National Trust: Blickling Hall.  Title page online.

1635 : [Possible French translation of the Apologeticum -- see dealer advertisment uder 1637]

1636 : Paris. 12o.  French translation of the Apologeticum, "studio Ludovic. Gyrii" (Louis Giry - see 1702).  PL1 53C. Not checked.

1636 : Wittemberg.  "HERM. RATHMANI Theosophia sub hac nova inscriptione: Theologia speculativa et practica ex patribus ab insigni quodam theologo collecta et publici juris facta. Witemberg".  PL1 53C. Not checked.

1637 : French translation of the Apologeticum.  Paris: Jean Camusat.  Not checked.  All information from dealer advertisment:

1639 :  A reprint of Rigaltius with modified notes is listed in Jean JEHASSE, Religion et politique: Le Tertullien de Nicolas Rigault (1628-1648), in: Actes du colloque de Lyon. Ed. E. BURY et B. MEUNIER, Paris: Cerf (1993), pp. 227-235.  I know of no other reference to this edition.

1639 : Barcelona: Spanish translation of De Patientia, De Testimonio Animae, ad Scapulam, (etc) by Joseph Pellecier. PL1 53D. Not checked.  

1639 : Florence.  Quarto.  "PAGANINI GAUDENTII Salebrae Tertullianicae cum ejusdem comparatione dogmatum Origenis cum philosophia Platonis. Flor., in-4o"  PL1 53D. Not checked.

1639 : Barcelona: Spanish translation of De Patientia, De Testimonio Animae, ad Scapulam, (etc) by Joseph Pellecier. PL1 53D. Not checked.  There is no indication of the difference from the above, but both entries appear in Migne.

1640 : Paris.  French translation of de oratione, in 12o. Likewise of De Patientia, likewise in 12o. Both "auctore Hobierio".  PL1 53D. Not checked.

1640 : Paris.  French translation of de pallio, by Titreville. PL1 53D. Not checked.

1641 : Paris, 'c. insigni magnae navis'. Folio, 2 vols.  Q. Sept. Flor. Tert. opera, argumentis, explicationibus, notis illustrata, auct. Jo. Lud. de la Cerda.  Reprint.  PL1 53D. Not checked.

1641 : Paris. Rigaltius reprint.  "Lutetiae, sumpt. Math. Du Puis etc. f. Observationibus et Notis atque etiam Glossario auctior, cujus exemplum cum frequent. coll. Codd. MSS. impr. Agobardini in Bibl. Baluz. extabat."  (PL1 54A). Online: Title Page, 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 16, 17, note title page, note p1Checked. Supposedly reprinted 1644, 1646, 1650, 1658.  

1643 : Apologeticum : Latin-English extracts. Quarto. Oxford. 1643. Not checked.  Not in Migne.

1644 : "PAGANINI GAUDENYII opuscula tria, quorum ultimum de philosophicis opinionibus veterum Ecclesiae Patrum, multa de Tertulliano quaerit. Pisis., in-4o". PL1 54A. Not checked.

1644 : Madrid. Spanish translation of De Patientia. PL1 54A. Not checked. "Matriti. f. Tertulliani liber de Patientia cum commentis Orii. Cat. Bibl. Pinell. T. I. v. 89".

1644 : Caesar August., Spanish translation of Ad Scapulam by Pedro Manero. PL1 54B. Not checked.

1644 : Paris. Rigaltius reprint. See 1641 entry for Migne. PL1 54A. Not checked.

1645 : French translation: "Librum de Poenitentia cum aliis Patrum de hac materia tractatibus gallice vertit Antonius Arnaldus et Paris. evulg. inter ejus opp., t. XXVIII, edit. Paris., 1779." PL1 54B. Not checked.

1646 : Paris. Rigaltius reprint. See 1641 entry for Migne. PL1 54A. Not checked.

1646 : Apologeticus, translated into French by 'Ludov. Gyrii' (Louis Giry - see 1702). 12o.  PL1 54B. Not checked.

1646/48/50 : Tertullianus Redivivus.  Paris, ap. Mich. Solg. via Jacobaea sub signo Phoenicis, 3 vols. "Tertullianus redivivus, scoliis et observationibus illustratus. In quo utriusque juris forma ad originem suam recensetur. Et Avitae pietatis Amatoribus inquirendi norma praescribitur. Auctore P. Georgio, Ambianate, Minorita Capucino, Parisiis apud suos Professore Theologo."  Studies on Tertullian.  PL1 54C-55A. Not checked.

1650 : London. 8o. "Tertulliani opuscula varia. -- inter Franc. Rous Mella Patrum pag. 293-468". PL1 55A. Not checked.

1650 : Paris. Rigaltius reprint. See 1641 entry for Migne. PL1 54A. Not checked.

1651 : "Tertulliani opp. poetica edidit Andreas Rivinus ac post Pamelium, Junium Barthium breves notas addidit, Goth., 8." PL1 55A. Not checked.

1655 : Brown, H : Apologeticum. London, English translation.  Not in Migne.

1655 : Herm. Rathmann, Theosophia.  3rd edition; Wittemberg.  New title: "Medulla Patrum, hoc est Consensus harmoniacus Patrum fidei antiquae et vitae vere Christianae...". Theological extracts.  PL1 55B. Not checked.

1656 : SALMASIUS : Leiden: Io Maire; De Pallio, edited by Claudius Salmasius. Octavo. (Reprint?). PL1 55B.

1657 : Migne indicates a report of an edition from Strasbourg (Argentorat., 8o, "Tertulliani opera, opera Boecleri"), but not listed by another of his sources. PL1 55B. Not checked.

1658 : Paris. Rigaltius reprint. See 1641 entry for Migne. PL1 53D. Not checked.

1658 : Parisiis ap. Jac. Dallin sub signo S. Stephani et Thomam Joly sub signo scuti Hollandiae, via Jacobaea. Folio. 3 vols. Tertulliani Omniloquium Alphabeticum Rationale Tripartitum, sive Tertulliani opera omnia in novum ordinem, hactenus intentatum et facilem, omnibus utriusque fori Oratoribus, Rerum humanarum divinarumque Professoribus ac Scriptoribus utilem, disposita, exposita, illustrata opera fratris Caroli Moreau Augustiniani Ordinis Eremitarum Communit. Bituricens. Conventus Reginae Margaritae, in suburbiis S. Germani Paris. PL1 55B-57B. Not checked.

1660 : Louis Giry, French translation of the Apologeticum.  Paris: Pierre le Petit.  Details from dealer catalogue. 

1661 : Paris: Le Petit.  French translations of De carne Christi and De resurrectione carnis.

1662 : Rothomagus: Folio.  Reprint of Pamelius (1597 listed, but surely not?).  PL1 57B. Not checked

1662 : "Le Génie de Tertullien", by "de Fayolle". Paris, quarto. PL1 57B. Not checked.

1664 : RIGALTIUS-PRIORIUS. Paris: impensis societatis typographicae librorum officii ecclesiastici. Q. Sept. Flor. Tertulliani Opera. Rigaltius text with notes by Ph. Priorius, etc, and works by Novatian from the Pamelius edition. PL1 57C-58B. Checked11 pages online, including title page.

1664 : Herm. Rathmann, Theosophia. 4th edition.  New title: "Aurifodina Patrum theologica, tum speculativa ...".  PL1 58B. Not checked

1665 : French translation of de pallio, de patientia, de exhortation castitatis.  Tr. "Mannesierus". PL1 58B. Not checked

1673 : French translation of ad martyres, by Paul Columesius. "Rupell.". Octavo. PL1 58B. Not checked

1675 :  Brussels. Quarto. "Tert. liber de praescriptionibus contra haereticos c. schol., et notis Christiani Lupi." PL1 58B. Not checked

1675 :  Paris: Pierre le Petit/Edmundum Couterot/Carolum Angot.  Rigault reprint, plus the spurious poems.  Copies: Fr. Michael Blain (Wellington, NZ); National Trust: Blickling Hall (*).  PL1 58C. Checked.  Reprint of 1664, plus carmen de Jona et Ninive.

1675 : DE LA MOTTE, Histoire de Tertullien et d'Origène, Paris (1675).  repr. Leiden 1702.  Octavo. PL1 58C. Not checked.

1676 : Prague.  Edition of De Patientia. Petr Kitzler, who owns a copy and supplied the photos, gives the following details: it was printed in a Jesuit printing house in Prague's Jesuit College "Klementinum" and it was published by the Charles University (in at that time called Universitas Carolo-Ferdinandae). The book is bound in parchment and has 33 pages.  102x63mm (12°).  He adds: If any of the "Tertullianists" have any further information about this edition, I would be grateful to hear it. The size of the pages is duodecimo; the handwritten inscription in the first page reads "Bibliothecae Slanensis 1685"; and according to the title page it was the property of the Piarist School in Slaný (a town approx. 40.km westward from Prague) which was founded in 1658. 

Additional note (2007): "there are two more copies of this edition known - one is in Wien, Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, sign. 71.Aa.120, and the second one in Monastery Library Strahov, Prague, sign. Vyš.Kap.II.B.g.67. I have had no time sofar, to check these copies in person, but I am going to do so... Another thing; this edition was printed at the Clementinum's printing house in Prague and it was probably ordered by some private person and was not the initiative of the Society of Jesus itself."

Not in Migne.  Not checked.  Page images: cover1, cover2, titlepagepage1, pp.2-3, pp.4-5, pp.6-7, pp.8-9, pp.10-11, pp.12-13, pp.14-15, pp.16-17, pp.18-19, pp.20-21, pp.22-23, pp.24-25, pp.26-27, pp.28-29, pp.30-31, pp.32-33

1680 : Petri ALLIXII de Tertulliani vita et scriptus.  Paris, octavo. PL1 58C. Not checked.

1680 : "NATALIS ALEXANDRI dissert. de Doctrina Tertulliani et de sacramento confirmationis, in ejusd. Hist. Eccl. V. et N. Test., t. III. saec. II. art. VIII, p. 293. Venet. 1778". PL1 58D. Not checked.

1682 : "Carmen de Jona et Ninive, cum animadv. Juret, Barthii, Gronovii, ad calcem Paullini Petricorii, editum a Chr. Daumio. Lips., in-8o." PL1 58D. Not checked.

1682 : Lüneberg.  German translation of Ad Scapulam by Abraham Hinckelmann, 12o.  Also Ad Martyres, 12o.  First German translation. PL1 58D. Not checked.

1683 : Paris.  French translation of de Praescript., de virginibus velandis, de habitu ornatuque feminarum translated by D. Hebert. PL1 58D. Not checked.

1684 : Paris: Jean Jombert. 12°. French translation of the Apologeticum by Giry, with Latin text.

1686 : Cambridge. "Cantabrigiae, ex off. Jo. Hayer imp. Henr. Dickinson et Rich. Green. 12. Q. S. Fl. Tert. Apologeticus et ad Scapulam liber, accessit M. Minucii Felicis Octavius.---Apologeticus ad edit. Heraldi, capit. argumentis ex ed. Lacerdae additis, liber ad Scapulam ad ejusdem La Cerdae ed. exscripti sunt."  PL1 59A. Not checked.

1695 : Rigaltius-Priorius reprint. PL1 59A. Not checked.

1699 : "E. SAL. CYPRIANI. Diatriba academica qua expenditur illud Tertulliani: Haereticorum Patriarcha Philosophi, in-4o. Helmst." PL1 59A. Not checked.

1701 :  Venice, folio. Q. S. Fl. T. op. c. variorum notis selectis ad voluminis calcem. PL1 59A. Not checked.

1701 : "SAL. CYPRIANI Commentat. de Doctrina Tertulliani Evangelica inter ejusd. dissert. varii argumenti. Coburg." PL1 59A. Not checked.

1701 (or 1712) : Paris, Latin-French edition of the Apologeticus, by M. Giry. Not in Migne.  Not checked.  Some images of this edition online here.

1702 : DE LA MOTTE, Histoire de Tertullien et d'Origène, Leiden (1702).  Octavo.  Reprint of 1675.  PL1 58C. Not checked.

1702 : "JOH. CROYI. conjectur. in quaedam loca Tertull. Oxon., in-fol." PL1 59B. Not checked.

1702 : Louis Giry, Apologétique de Tertullien, ou Défense des Chrétiens contre les accusations des Gentils. traduite en français par Louis Giry, avec le texte latin à côté; édition augmentée d'une Dissert. critique touchant Tertullien et ses ouvrages; Amsterdam: Thom. Lombrail (1702). Octavo.  Migne adds: "Versio haec Ludovici Giry (in Senatu regio Paris. advocati, 1665), ab anno inde 1636, aliquoties prodiit absque textu latino". PL1 59C. Not checked.

1702 : "Beatus card. Joseph. Mar. Thomasius primum suarum Institutionum Theologicarum vulgavit tomum, in cujus capite edidit librum Tertulliani de Praescriptionibus adversus haereticos. Rom. in-4o."  PL1 1335-6 Addendum.  Not checked.

1703 : "Anonymi Dissertatio, qua ut verum genuinumque Tertulliani opus vindicatur catalogus haereseon libro praescriptionum subjectus. -- Mémoires de Trévoux, fév. 1703, p. 133 (auctore P. Tournemine?)".  PL1 59C. Not checked.

1704 : JO. JOACH. ZENTGRAV, Exercit. de Lapsu Tertulliani ad Montanistas, Strasbourg (Argentorat.).  4o. PL1 59C. Not checked.

1705 : "ADAM RECHEMBERGII Dissert., an Haereticorum Patriarchae Philosophi ex illo Tertulliani advers. Hermogenem, cap. VIII. Lips., in-4o." PL1 59D. Not checked.

1708 : Michel VIVIEN, Tertullianus Praedicans, Venice, 6 vols. Quarto.  PL1 59D. Not checked.  I have no idea what this book contains!

1710 : London, English translation; Apologeticus, together with that of Justin, Minucius Felix and Vincent of Lerins' Commonitorium, with preface and notes, by Reeves in two volumes octavo. PL1 59D. Not checked.  The Apologeticus text was reprinted in the 19th century and is online.

1711 : "J. HENNINGI BOHMERI Dissertationes Juris ecclesiastici antiqui ad Plinium Secundum et Tertullianum. Lips., in-8o." PL1 60A. Not checked.

1713 : "Patavii, 4. Tertulliani liber de Oratione completus cum notis Guid. Panciroli et Ludovici Antonii Muratorii. -- In Muratorii Anecdotis, t. II, p. 1. 56. Ex Codice Biblioth. Ambrosianae Mediolani. Notas Guidonis Panciroli jurisconsulti olim celeberrimi Regiensis, ex Comm. plenioribus in omnia T. opera in bibliotheca P. Joh. Bapt. Cattanei, Franciscani, tum latentibus, ut. salivam popularibus suis moveret ad delicias istas tamdiu neglectas in lucem proferendas edidit."  This I think is the editio princeps of the back portion of De oratione. PL1 60A. Not checked.

???? : Edition of the spurious poems, of uncertain date. 

1714 : "LAUR. BRORSON de Infantariis apud Tertullianum ad Nationes, Lib. I, cap. II, Hafn., in-4o."  PL1 60B. Not checked.

1714-15 : Paris: Columbat. Quarto.  French translation of the Apologeticum by Vassoult.  Twice edited in 1714 & seq.  PL1 60B. Not checked.

1715 : "Tertulliani poemata inter opp. vett. poetar. latinor. edita cur. Mich. Maittaire. Lond. 2. in-fo."  PL1 60B. Not checked.

1715 : Paris. D. Nicol. LE NOURRY's dissertation on the Apologeticum, Ad Nationes, and Ad Scapulam. Migne mentions this often. PL1 60C. Not checked. Reprinted in vol. 3 of Oehler's Editio Maior.

1715 : "AUGUSTI HEUMANII Emendatio libri Tertullianei de Praescriptionibus, in actis Eruditor. Lipsiens. anno 1715, p. 299-305." PL1 60C. Not checked.

1717 : "Anonymi expositio de: Caligata militia in libr. de idololatria, cap. XIX (nouveau recueil des pièces fugitives de l'abbé Archimbaud, t. IV, p. 116-119. Paris)." PL1 60C. Not checked.

1718 : HAVERCAMP, Apologeticus :  Leiden, edited by Sigebert Havercamp, printed by Isaac Severinus. Apologeticus, from 2 Leyden mss and old editions.  Title page online. PL1 60D-61C. Checked.

1719 : "Anonymi adnotationes in librum de Oratione Tertul.---(Mémoires de Trévoux, ann. 1719, p. 1202. -- Journal des savants, ann. 1719, déc., p. 663.)." PL1 61D. Not checked.

1721 : "LAUR. MAGALOTTI lettera sopra un passo di Tertulliano (in lettere scientifice ed erudite del comte Magalotti, p. 192-198. Firenze, in-4o.)."  PL1 61D. Not checked.

1722 : Joseph BETTY, English translation of De praescriptione. Oxford. 12o. PL1 61D. Checked. Personal copy.  Online.

1722 : "ARN. GREVE Tertulliani Testimonium 'Apoqew&sei de Christo a Tiberio decreta defensum. Vitemb., in-4o." PL1 61D. Not checked.

1722 : "CHPH. AHEUMANNI Epistolae quibus emendantur atque illustrantur caput I et II Apologetici in ejus Poecile, t. I, p. 25-33, 197-212. Halae, in-8o". PL1 62A. Not checked.

1724 : "JOH. LAUR. MOSHEIM Comment. chronolog. hist. de aetate Apologetici Tertulliani et initio persecutionis christianorum sub Severo. Helmst., in-4o, et in ejus dissert. ad Histor. eccles. pertinent. t. I." PL1 62A. Not checked.

1729 : French translation of de praescript., Paris, 12o. PL1 62A. Not checked. "VERSIO GALLICA IV, tract. de Praescription. prodiit. Paris. in-12 (Journal des savants, t. LXXXVIII, p. 499). V. Versio. eod. anno prodiisse memorant Ephemerides trivultianae, mense mart."

1729 : "Locus in Tertulliani libro de Praescriptionibus advers. Haer., cap. XLIX. Joh. Harduini cura, interpretatus (Mémoires de Trévoux, an. 1729, m. mai, p. 842)." PL1 62B. Not checked.

1730 : D. Remig. CELLERIUS O.S.B., Hist. générale des aut. ecclésiast., etc., t. II. PL1 62B. Not checked.

1733 : "Anonymi observationes in Tertullianum et Cyprianum in Miscellan. observat. in auct., vol. III, t. I. Amstelodam., in-8o, p. 45-54". PL1 62B. Not checked.

1733 : Paris. Octavo.  French translation of Ad Martyres. Ed. Caubère. PL1 62B. Not checked.  Probably the same as the following:

1735 : JOH. HENR. BLUMEMBACH, de Senatusconsulto Q. Septimio Florente Presbytero et jureconsulto Tertullianis liber, Lipsiae, 4o. PL1 62C. Not checked.

1738 : JOH. WUILL. HOFMANNI dissertatio Q. Septimii Flor. Tertulliani, quae supersunt, omnia in Montanismo Scripta videri, Vitembergae, in-4o. PL1 62C. Not checked.

1739 :  CHPH. A. HEUMANNI observationes criticae ad posteriora Apologetici capita in Miscell. Groning., t. II, fasc. 3, p. 479-485. PL1 62C. Not checked.

1741 : CHR. LOERERI Progr. librum Tertulliani de Poenitentia ipsi vindicans. Altenb. 1741. PL1 62C. Not checked.

1743 : JUST. CAR. WIESENHAUER Disputatio de Jure consulto et Q. Sept. Flor. Tertulliani. Hildesiae. PL1 62D. Not checked.

1744 : Venice: typis Gasparis Gerardi.  Folio. Q. S. Fl. Tert. Opera.  A reprint of the 1675 Rigalt-Priorius, with Havercamp's notes on the Apologeticum, and Mosheim's notes on the chronology of the Apologeticum.  PL1 62D-63A. Not checked.

1744 : J. MART. CHLADEN de Stationibus vett. Christianorum. Commentarius ad illustr. maxime Tertullianum comparatus, Lips. 1744. PL1 63A. Not checked

1752 : D. CORBINIANI THOMAE. O. S. B. observationes et notae in tractatum de Praescriptionibus. Salisburg, in 8o. PL1 63A. Not checked

1753 : J. E. IMM. WALCH de Apostolorum literis authenticis a Tertulliano commemoratis. Jen. 4. PL1 63A. Not checked

1755 : D. CORBINIANI THOMAE. O. S. B. observationes et notae in libr. Tertulliani de Baptismo et Poenitentia, Salisburg, in-8o. PL1 63B. Not checked.

1756 : Lady Selvatica BORGHINI of Pisa (domina Selvatica Bargini, nobili Pisana), Italian translations of catholic and moral works, Rome: apud Nicolaum et Marcum Pagliarini. Migne says this promises to also do adversus Judaeos; de Praescriptionibus; contra Hermogenem, but he doesn't know whether these appeared. He goes on, "In Florentinis literasiis foliis legitur a Cl. V. Bottari italico sermone reddita ea opuscula quorum versionem D. Bargini omiserat (Lumper ex Argelato et Paitonio de Volgarizatori bibliotheca)".  PL1 63B. Checked

1756 : J. GE. GERET Pr. in quemdam Tertulliani de terrarum motibus locum. Onold., in-4o.  PL1 63C. Not checked

1757 : JOH. AUG. NOESSELTI Dissert. de vera aetate ac doctrina scriptorum quae supersunt Q. Septimii Flor. Tertulliani, Halae. Ejusd. III, diss. ad Hist. Eccl. pertin. 1817. PL1 63C. Not checked.  

1758-9 : AUG. HEUMANNI appendix ad varias annotationes in Tertullianum, cum analysi accuratiore libri de Praescriptionibus in act. Eruditor. lipsiens. Supplem., t. VI., sect. 5. PL1 63C. Not checked.  

1758 :  CHR. W. FRANC. WALCH de Pompis Satanae ad Tertull. de spectaculis, Gotting., in-4o. PL1 63C-D. Not checked.

1759 : C. GE. SAM. BERNHOLD Progr. Tertulliani Apologeticus ab iniquiore reprehensione vindicatus. Erlang., in-4o. PL1 63D. Not checked.

1762 : JO. DAN. VAN HOVEN. spec. annot. ad Tertull. in Musaeum critic. II, 26.  PL1 63D. Not checked.

1764 : C. A. BEGER Ep. quo sensu Tertullianus Deum dixerit corpus, Lipsiae, in-4o. PL1 63D. Not checked.

1766 : EF. WERNSDORF de veste Palmata ad Tertulliani Apologet., c. 50. Wittemb., in-4o. PL1 63D. Not checked.

1769 : "Cum easdem Vener. beati Thomasii Institutiones Theologicas antiquorum Patrum recenseret ac denuo in lucem ederet Ant. Franc. Vezzosi, C. R., iterum eodem curante prodiit liber de Praescriptionibus nonnullis, auctus notis quae sanam sapiunt doctrinam eximiamque eruditionem. Romae, ex typogr. Marci Palearini. In-4o.".   PL1 1335-6 Addendum.  Not checked.

1769-1776 : Halae: ap. Salam, ap. Jo. Chr. Hendel. Q. S. Fl. Tert. Opera recensuit JO. SALOMO SEMLER, 6 vols. PL1 64A-D. Not checked

1770 : J. CHR. WERNSDORF Progr. de Ecclesia, Columbae domo simplici, ad loc. Tertulliani advers. Valentinianos, cap. III, Helmst., in-4o. PL1 65A. Not checked.

1772 : H. A. ZEIBICH Prog. de Tertulliani sententia de Columba in Christum devolante, Gerae, in-4o. PL1 65A. Not checked.

1774 : ENGELB. KLUPPFEL. Mens Tertulliani de indissolubilitate matrimonii in infidelitate contracti conjuge alterutro ad fidem Christi confesso. Frib., in-4o. PL1 65A. Not checked.

1776 : CHR. F. ROSSLERI Bibliothek d. Kirchenvaeter in Ubersetzungen u. auszügen, a. 1. f., t. III. Lips. PL1 65A-B. Not checked.

1776-7 : JO. DANIEL. SCHUMANN Obss. in veterib. Ecclesiae Scriptoribus saec. III et IV de interpollationibus quibusdam codicis, N. T. Tertulliano perperam afflictis conjectura. Hannov. in-4o. PL1 65B. Not checked.

1780 :  Franz OBERTHÜR, Q. S. F. Tertulliani opera omnia, in two volumes (also under the title.: Opera omnia SS. PP. latinorum, vol. I, II), published in Würtzburg (Wirceburgum) by 'Libraria Staheliana.'  Migne writes: Wirceburgi in off. libr. Staheliana: Q. S. F. Tertulliani opera omnia, t. I, II, etiam sub tit.: Opera omnia SS. PP. latinorum, vol. I, II. Editor celeb. OBERTHUR secutus est editionem Halensem, sed ita ut compararet editionem Pamelianam, Paris, 1608, recusam et variantes illius lectiones partim in calce subjiceret, partim, raro tamen et circumspecte, illam emendaret. Quod fecit in volumine secundo, ut ipse fatetur paullo liberius, substituendo, vel ex Parisina editione, vel ex varietatibus lectionum ab Halensi editore collectis, hinc inde vel voculas alias, vel, rarius tamen, integras etiam sententias. Praeterea ordinem librorum chronologicum ex Noesselti auctoritate adoptavit, hac tamen cautela, ut libros contra Marcionem, non aliis interjectos, prouti viri illius Chronologia exigebat, sed conjunctos una serie, seque immediate excipientes publicaret. Addidit etiam Carmina Tertulliano olim tribui solita, contra Marcionem scilicet, de judicio Domini, de Genesi, de Sodoma, de Ligno vitae, a Pamelio praetermissum, et ad senatorem. PL1 65B-C. Not checked. 


1780 : "In Collect. Poetar. Vett., edit. Pisauris, t. V, Prodierunt carmina omnia Tertulliano ascripta." PL1 65C. Not checked.

1780 : CHR. GOD. SCHUTZ explicatio loci Tertulliani (de Praescriptionibus XVI-XVII), de eversione stomachi aut cerebri ex congressione scripturarum. Jen., in-fo. PL1 65D. Not checked.

1780: French translation - L'apologétique et les prescriptions de Tertullien / revue et corrigée d'après les manuscrits, les editions & différens ouvrages de Tertullien, avec la traduction & des remarques par l'Abbé de Gourcy. Nouvelle edition. Revue & corigée ... par M. l'Abbé de Gourcy ...; A Paris : Chez Sorin ..., 1780. Physical Desc.: xxxiv, 423, [39] p. (12o).  Not in Migne.  Details from COPAC. Copy at Durham.

1781 : D. P. DOMIN. SCHRAM O. S. B. analysis opp. Tertulliani in suo magno opere, t. III. PL1 65D. Not checked.

1781 : Italian translation of De cultu feminarum, tr. Domenico Pacchi. Florence: Pagani &c.   Details from dealer catalogue:

1783 : JOS. ANT. CANTOVA de Septimio et S. Epiphanio dissertt. IIo Theol. critic. in quibus anthropomorphismo neutrum laborasse ostenditur. Mediol., in-8o. PL1 65D. Not checked.

1784 :  CHR. GOD. SCHUTZ Prog. de Regula fidei apud Tertullianum. Jen. PL1 66A. Not checked.

1784 : "In Assisi 8. Osservazioni sopra l'Analisi de libro delle prescrizione di Tertulliano. -- Praecedit eum versione italica textus latinus Pamelii ex ed. Franeckerana, 1597 (mendose scriptum 1697), et Variantibus LL. Rigaltii ad Venetam, 1744, Liber ille, ad quem haec observationes spectant, prodierat Ticini, 1783, 8o, de utroque Oelrichsius noster, ut puto, lectores monebit." PL1 66A. Not checked.

1785 : H. CHR. BALLENSTEDT. Tertullians Geistes faehigkeiten, Religions Kenntnisse u. Theologie. E. Vershuc. in-8o, Abhadll. Helmst. in 8o. PL1 66A-B. Not checked.

1786 : French translation of Apologeticum.  Paris: Michel Lambert.

1790 : C. CHR. BIRCH dissert. quosdam ex Q. Sept. Fl. Tertulliani collectos atque illustratos locos theologicos sistens. Havn. in-4o. PL1 66B. Not checked

1790 : Sir David DALRYMPLE, English translation of Ad Scapulam. Edinburgh, 1790.  Listed as 1780 by Migne, PL1 65D, but COPAC has several 1790 copies and no 1780 ones.  I have seen the Bodleian copy, which is now partly online.

1791 : J. GE. ARN. OELRICHS commentarii de Scriptoribus Ecclesiae latinae priorum VI Saeculorum, cura Arn. Herm. H. Heeren, in-8o. PL1 66B. Not checked

1792 : "VERSIO HISPANICA Apologetae Religionis christianae antiquae, interprete Em. Ximenes de Urieta, Madrid. in-4o." PL1 66B. Not checked.  This appears to be a translation into Spanish. of several early apologists: Justin, Tatian, Athenagoras, Tertullian, Minucius Felix and Origen.  Translated and commented by Manuel XIMENO Y URIETA. Published at the Royal Press, Madrid. 2 vols, in quarto; xxxvi+357, 358 pages.

1792-97 : CH. TROGGOTT. GOTLIEB SCHOENEMANN in Biblioth. historico-literaria PP. latinor., t. I, p. 2-53. PL1 66B-C. Not checked.

1797 : German translation of the Apologeticum: Des Q. Sept. Flor. Tertullianus vertheidigung D. Christl. Sache gegen d. heiden. A. d. L. Francof., in-8o. ed. J. F. Kleuker. PL1 66C. Not checked.

1799 : D. GOTFRED. LUMPER O. S. B. histor. Theol. de vita, scriptis atque doctrina SS. PP., t. VI, de vita et scriptis Tertulliani. PL1 66C. Not checked.

1803-1820 : JOH. MATTH. SCHROECKHII Christl. Kirchengesch. Lips. XXXV, d. 3, 317. PL1 66C. Not checked.

1820 : G. H. SCHARFENBERG. comment. acad. de Justino, Tertulliano et Cypriano adv. Judaeos disputantibus. Lund. Goth. 4o. PL1 66D. Not checked.

1821 : Tertull. opp. Mediol. (J. A. Moehler., ex opere posthumo Patrologie oder christliche litteraergeschichte II.) PL1 66D. Not checked.

1822 : French translation. Apologet. Tertulliani, interprete D. Meunier, prior. S. Martini in campis in suburbio cabillonensi, optimae notae ac majoris famae digna, diu post. auct. obitum edita. PL1 66D. Not checked.

1823 : J. A. COENEN Commentat. de Tertulliano, Christianorum et Relig. Christ. advers. gentes Apologeta.  -- In Annal. Acad. Rheno-traject. Ann. 1823-1824. PL1 66D-67A. Not checked

1823 : French translation of the Apologeticum.

1825 : A. NEANDER Antignostikus, Geist des Tertullianus und Einleitung in dessen Schriften, mit archaeologischen und dogmenhistorischen Untersuchungen. Berlin. 8o. PL1 67A. Not checked. An English translation also exists: Antignostikus or Spirit of Tertullian. Issued in Bohn's library (personal copy).

1825 : French translation of Apologeticum and De Praescriptione, tr. DE GOURCY. Paris, Octavo. PL1 67A. Not checked.

1827 : Tertulliani Apologetici edit. nov. cum varr. Lectt. JOS. IGN. RITTER. Eberfeld, in-8o.  PL1 67A. Not checked.

1827 : A. RDPH. GEBSER Biblioth. lat. Veterum Poetar. Christianor. Jenae. Praeter primum tomum nihil ulterius prodiit. PL1 67B. Not checked.

1827 : French translation of the Apologeticum by J. Fr. ALLARD. PL1 67B. Not checked.

1827-9 : Edition: "Halae Magdeburgicae apud Joh. Christ. Hendei, iterum prodiit in tom. VI, ed. Semler." PL1 67B. Not checked.

1829 : FR. MUNTER, Primordia Ecclesiae Africanae, Havniae, in-4o, p. 128.  PL1 67C. Not checked.

1829 : "In collectione selecta SS. Ecclesiae Patrum complectente exquisitissima eorum opp. cura A. B. Caillau et M. N. S. Guillon, prodiere libri Tertulliani, fere omnes exceptis tantum sex partim editis, nempe de Anima, de Fuga in pers., de Pudicitia, de Jejunio, de Exhortat. castit. de Monogamia. tom. VI, VII." PL1 67C. Not checked.

1832 : French translation of de Testimonio animae. In: Annall. Philosophiae Christianae 24, June 1832.  No name listed, but Migne says he found out the translator was D. MELCH. DU LAC DE MONTVERT. PL1 67C-D. Not checked.

1834 : "Tertulliani libri de Praescriptionibus adv. haeret. de Baptismo, de Poenitentia, de Oratione, seorsim editi sunt, praemissa praefatione germanica, sumptibus ac typis Aloys. Attenkover, 1834, in-8o." PL1 67D. Not checked.

1835 : "François Antoine Étienne de GOURCY, Tertullien. Vingt trois Traités [translated by C. de G., etc.]." Listed in COPAC as held in the British Library.  Same physical volume also labelled as by "Audebert MACÉRÉ" and by "Louis GIRY". Not checked.

1837 : Work of uncertain contents.  Translations?

1837-8: Franz Anton von BESNARD, Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus: Sämmtliche Schriften. Uebersetzt und bearbeitet von F.A.v. B. Augsburg: Verlag Der Karl Kollmann'schen Buchhandlung (1837-1838). 2 vols. (350; 394p.). In Fraktur. This is NOT a set of translations as might be thought, but a study giving descriptions of work chapter by chapter. (Personal copy)

1838 : C. JOS. HESELE, Tertullian als Apologet. in Drey et all. Tubinger Theolog. quartals Schrift.---P. I, p. 30.  PL1 67D. Not checked.

1839 : E. G. Gersdorf's Bibliotheca PP. ecclesiasticorum latin, selecta, ad optimorum libror. fidem edita... in 2 vols: Io Libr. Apologeticos, ad Martyres, de Spectacul. de Idolol. Apologet. ad Nat. lib. II, de Testim. Anim. de Corona mil. de Fuga in persec. Scorpiace, ad Scapul. 2o Libr. ad ritus et mores Christianor. pertinentes de Orat., de Patient., de Baptismo, de Poenit., ad Ux. lib. II, de Cultu foem. lib. II, de Exhort. cast., de Monog., de Pudicit., de Jejuniis, de Virginib. veland., de Pallio. Lips. 1839. 2. vols. 12o. Edited by E. F. LEOPOLD. Phil. D. AA. m. in gymn. Annaberg. Praecept. ordin. PL1 67D-68A. Not checked.

1839 : E. F. LEOPOLD Ueber die Ursachen der verdorbenen latinitat bei dec schriftstellern nach dem Zeitalter d. K. Augustus, hauptsaechlich bei den Kirchenvaetern, mit besonderer berücksichtigung des Tertullian inserta V. S. V. Higenii Zeitschrift. f. d. histor. Theol., vol. VIII, p. 1 e. sqq. Lips. PL1 68B. Not checked.

1840 : "Inter Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum opuscula praecipua quaedam Martin. Jos. Routh, S. T. P. collegii S. Magdalenae Oxon. praeses, duos Tertulliani libros, de Oratione nempe ac de Praescriptione haereticorum, edidit, notisque aliorum et suis ornavit, nec non et novo lectionum ad calcem rejectarum ex Ambros. cod. acceptarum spicilegio adauxit. Edit. altera, Oxon. Dolendum istud eximium opus non, nisi toto hoc nostro opere absoluto, in manus nostras devenisse, cui tamen qualemcumque in tertio tomo, ubi indici, locum dabimus." PL1 1335-6 Addendum.  Not checked.

1842 : D. De GENOUDE, Les Pères de l'Eglise traduits en français, t. XII, Paris, in 8o. French translations of all Tertullian's works, or 22 of them (Migne says both these things).  The translator is in fact H. DENAIN, of whom Migne says "de Septimii nostri studiosis bene meritus, notarum tamen omnino expers, et omnis commentarii mole expeditus, elegans potiusquam fidissimus interpres, qui africanae loquelae asperitatem splendenti ornavit sermone, egregiaque interdum et ad vivum expressa interpretatione recreavit."  The ANF translator commented on how little it reflected Tertullian's thought or style.  PL1 68B-C. Not checked.

1843 : Apologeticum, H.A. Woodham. Latin text; English introduction and notes. Cambridge 1843. Listed in Migne: PL1 1335-6 Addendum.  Not checked.

1844 : MIGNE : Paris, by Jacques-Paul Migne, Patrologia Latina, vols I and II. The complete works of everyone in 221 volumes, the first two of which deal with Tertullian. Migne's text is a somewhat careless collection of everything he could lay hands on. As such, it is a far more complete collection of the fathers than anything subsequent. In print. Also on CDROM. Online: De codicibus (The Manuscripts) also in Checked.  The real editor of the Tertullian volumes was Cardinal Pitra.

1844 : French translation (reprints).  (Personal copy).


The bibliography should be consulted for full details where appropriate.

1. Migne, J-P, Patrologia Latina, I (1844), column 35ff. Checked.  PL1+col no is sometimes listed above.

2. For more info about the Editio Princeps, see A. Horawitz in Sitzungsberichte der phil.-histor. Kl. der kgl. Akad. der Wissensch. zu Wien, 1872, lxxi. 662-674. (I don't recall where I got this reference). Not checked

3. The information also gave a paper reference to a catalogue of an exhibition which included this volume:

In aedibus Aldi: the legacy of Aldus Manutius and his press. Paul J. Angerhofer, Mary Ann Addy Maxwell, Robert L. Maxwell: with binding descriptions by Pamela Barrios.
Provo: Friends of the Harold B. Lee Library of Brigham Young University, 1995, 183 p. Ill. ISBN: 0-8425-2329-4.
A copy can be purchased for $30.00 from the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 84602.
The catalog and this digital exhibition were designed and created by Robert Espinosa, Conservator and Preservation Librarian, Harold B. Lee Library. Send comments to Not checked

4. An extensive bibliography of the editions of Lactantius by Prof. Jackson Bryce is now online at http://www.acad.carleton.edu/curricular/CLAS/lactantius/biblio.htm. He indicates for each entry what it contains. Most of these codes relate to Lactantius. However TA = Apologeticum, TS = Sermo de vita aeterna (wrongly attributed to Tertullian by Benalius). [+] = "Annotations are preceded by the symbol [+]; annotated items and some others I have either seen myself or verified in a way that seemed reliable."

Here are his codes:

AP De Ave Phoenice
CD St. John Chrysostom, De Coena Domini in a Latin version by Hieronymus Donatus
DI Divinae Institutiones
EDI Epitome Divinarum Institutionum
acEDI the acephalous EDI, beginning with ch. 51 [56], Nam si iustitia
ID De Ira Dei
MA fragment de Motibus Animi
MP De Mortibus Persecutorum
OD De Opifico Dei
PD De Passione Domini
PT Adhortatio Philippi ad quendam Theodosium Iudæum
RD De Resurrectionis Dominicæ Die (Salve, festa dies), ascribed to Venantius Fotunatus
acRD an acephalous version of RD beginning at the verse Tempora florigero rutilant
SA Symposium or Symphosii Aenigmata
TS 'Tertullian', Sermo de Vita Æterna
TA Tertullian, Apologeticus
VM Lorenzo Valla, De Mystero Eucharistiæ

5. The Illustrated Incunable Short Title Catalogue CD-ROM (IISTC) is a British Library product, partly funded by the taxpayer, and so only available commercially at a price which the vendor is afraid to mention online. For more details about it, see http://www.bl.uk/collections/epc/hoinc.html . Copies are available for use at the British Library, Cambridge University Library, and the Bodleian; and doubtless elsewhere.

6. The Italian Indice SBN, a union catalogue of their libraries, is available online: Indice SBN.

7. An excellent introduction to rare books, and the late MSS and the transition from one to the other is given by Brian RICHARDSON, Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy, Cambridge University Press (1999).  This details how the books and signatures are composed.  Checked.


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