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Thanks for visiting this site. There's no theme to the subjects discussed below, except that I'm interested in them and think maybe someone else might be too, or for some reason I have some information to hand which might be useful to someone.


  • Personal Details - if you know me, you may want to read this. Or not, as the case may be... Contains my email address.

  • How to get more out of life Getting on for 40? Tired of running on the hamster-wheel? Here are some tentative personal ideas on how to avoid doing nothing with your life.

  • My blog About the ancient world, the fathers, and more.


  • "A Lost Gospel" - A manuscript find in Berlin in 1997 of a gnostic gospel, similar to the Coptic Gospel of Thomas. All the real information I can find, and an evaluation of it.


  • The Tertullian Project - A personal perspective on this ancient Latin writer. Manuscripts, Latin, Rare Books, Lost Works, and other things about one of the funniest writers of antiquity.

  • QuickLatin. A Latin-to-English Translation Assistant program I've produced to ease the Latin-to-English gap.

  • Early Church Fathers - Additional  -  English translations of the fathers which aren't available elsewhere online, collected.  Also a mirror of the now unavailable CCEL Early Church Fathers in the v2 form.

  • The Syriac Library  -  Syriac public domain texts.

  • Manuscripts of ancient authors - How did these texts get to us?  Here are some notes on what physical remains there are of various authors.  Just what manuscripts actually exist, and of what date?
  • The Oriental Fathers - some notes on Syriac, Armenian, Arabic Georgian, Coptic and Ethiopian literature.

  • The Library - Things I've scanned which don't belong with Tertullian or the Fathers.

  • The Classical Library - A collection of English translations of the classics on a bit of spare webspace, since no-one else seems to want to collect them!

  • The Song of the Gnostic Slave - Some verses I posted to usenet, which I place here, now that the Deja archive is no more, because I didn't want to lose them.

  • Some PDFs - PDF's of public domain journal articles and books.

  • My blog - mostly on things ancient and patristic.

  • Mithras: my pages on Mithraic studies.





Like most things on the 'net, these pages are the product of amateur interest (and so is the 'net, come to think of it). This means there may be unintentional errors of fact or interpretation in them. I would welcome constructive comment, and corrections of matters of fact.  Many of these pages are now very old, it must be said, and I haven't looked at them in years.  Others are the subject of constant update.

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